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Carmel Temple's Mission

Carmel Temple first opened it's doors in 1970 with a very clear mission: to provide a welcoming environment, where enlightenment, healing, and especially love, would be brought to many. Carmel Temple is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light. To date, our purpose continues to fulfill that mission.

To Provide: A safe, loving environment for people of all faiths to meet, to learn and to share the principles of truth that set us free.

To Create: A place in consciousness where we realize our possibilities under Divine love.

To Build: A focal point from which spiritual philosophies and information are spread to the world.

To Bring Forth: A new world dedicated to harmony, peace, brotherhood, fellowship and unconditional love for all mankind.

To Transform: Our planet into a heaven on earth.

To Nurture: Communication between all dimensions.

To Awaken: The God consciousness in all humanity.

To Affirm: That which serves the highest and best good for all.

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Seeking Within

The Upper Room

Carmel Temple Upper-RoomThere are two very special places at Carmel Temple. One is The Upper Room and the other is Blue-White Healing Light near the rear of the Sanctuary.

The Upper Room is reserved exclusively for quiet meditation. Many have sought answers, gained insight, and enjoyed the very special energy present.

Any visitor to Carmel Temple may visit the Upper Room, with the only request being that you do not talk, in order that the energy not be disturbed.

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About Carmel Temple

Carmel Temple is a quiet sanctuary far away from the outer world of seeming chaos. It is a place of peace, healing, study, teaching, meditation, love, warmth, and friendship. Carmel Temple is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light.

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"It always gives me a nice feeling to contribute to an organization whose work I support.  And when those contributions can help me earn substantial tax benefits, it feels terrific."
Thank you for being there.

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